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The journey of Truecolours Textiles fabrics

The Journey of Truecolours Textiles starts in India. All of our sustainable fabrics are made in India.

Mother Nature...

Raw Materials...

During the naturally process of producing the finished product it is most importantly for us that we use only the best quality of raw material to provide you the best quality.

Loyally respecting the natural and organic processes of cultivating and obtaining our raw materials. Only wild crafted materials in the surrounded areas are used to use only materials in the rhythm the world does provide to us.

During the further process no chemicals will be used so nor product nor enviroment will be polluted. The proces in making raw material to finished fabric will go through only naturaly processes.

Respecting people...

Support of the local economy in India...

Our fabrics are hand spun and handwoven, some are made by a machine.
By buying these fabrics we support the local economy in India, which creates social benefits such as jobs. NGO’s provides the village people with continuos work and puts themselves at service to control all people are working under social conditions. Respecting loyally the dignity of all people.

The fabrics made by Indian artisans in farmer villages do not have acces to electricity. Therefore their activities are limited to daylight hours, which means their working hours are normal.

Living without electricity and modern technology means working with basics tools, basically working with your hands.

Dyeing Processes...

Natural Dyeing...

Through ancient concepts fabrics can be coloured naturally by using medicinally rich herbs, plant material or minerals & oils. Bleaching is carried out using sunlight...all a gift of Nature.

The process of herbal dyeing starts with greige fabric passing through several stages of threatment before it can be used as finished product. During the entire further threatment only natural processes are used. In herb dyeing, finishing is done by sprinkling pure water on the fabric and then stretching under pressure, using hand rolls, aloe vera or castor oil.

Low impact dyes

Low impact dyes are still chemical-based dyes, but contain no metals, low salt and are AZO & dioxazines compound free. Low impact dyes require significantly less water for the dyeing process so there is less polluted runoff than from the conventional dye process.

Organic cotton and most other fabrics can be succesfully colored with fiber-reactive low impact dyes or all naturall dyes suchs as insects, clay, vegetable, berries, indigo and other plant extracts.

Sustainable fabrics & Fashion industry...

By choosing for above processes respecting loyally Mother Nature and all people working behind
the fabrics we can provide customers with beautiful fabrics with a true & fairtade story.
All in order to contribute to a better world, a more just world.

An economy inspired by ethical and social values is more important than any fashion trend.
Your fashion collection become more valuable if it’s made with organic and fairtrade fabrics.

Truecolours Textiles can provide them made with love.
Start making a change in the fashion Industry by chosing organic & fairtrade fabrics.
Start showing your Truecolours!